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Ggoal: “made in Italy” search engine

Ggoal is a “social” search engine created by a team of Italian developers and it’s now online in the beta version.
It’s a completely free search engine available, at the moment, in Italian and English but it’s also possible to use Spanish, French and German language for the search.Ggoal offers a keyword-based content search service and provides links and multimedia content following the shared interactivity of the web 2.0 philosophy.
Read a detailed article about the characteristics and functionalities of Ggoal in the following Weblog “Web 2.0 and something else” (you can access the English translation of the article from the same page)

  1. andrew
    March 28, 2008 at 11:50 am

    well i’ve tried it, it’s a good job! You can suggest new keywords and if you don’t find somenthing you can use the wishlist, it’s like a personal assistant that search the links for you (a good idea).
    i appreciate especially the coherence between the keywords and the suggested links although not many indeed.
    It is an italian project so that the most of tags are in italian but you can personalize the searching in english.

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