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Storytelling in virtual environments – Part 1

Yesterday I participated to an event about storytelling in virtual environments , the event was organized by the Centre of Digital Storytelling (CDS) in the form of a panel in Second Life and even though there have been some technical problems such as bad quality sound and echo the event was enlightening.

We were firstly introduced to a video The Origin of Death  by the storyteller Dale Jarvis:



Dale Jarvis also known as Gilbert Sapwood in SL was one of the guest speaker in the panel, he is a storyteller, traveller and collector of tales, he is also the founder of the Storytelling Guild of Second Life, and is committed to spreading the love of traditional storytelling in Second Life.

I’m deeply attracted by storytelling practice in the educational context and I have recently experienced productive results using this “art” in my language classes: students in a multicultural study environment have a huge learning chance by sharing their stories and the use of digital tools can enrich and widen the spread of their creativity.

I had never thought to use storytelling in a virtual environment but after the above mentioned event I could appreciate by myself the strong impact of stories in SL, let’s see the following post: a recorded video from SL by Gilbert Sapwood….

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