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Storytelling in virtual environments – Part 3

Polgara Paine (RL: Linda Higbee Mandlebaum) was another guest speaker at the panel, her presentation was strictly connected with her in-world experience as Director of Wheelies which was founded by Simon Walsh and has become a social gathering place where storytelling has being experienced as a mean to empower members through their personal stories.

Polgara  went into Second Life to learn how to improve her teaching and has spent the past year learning more about individuals with disabilities, she reported during the event she has learned that in storytelling sessions in SL it’s necessary to have both text chat and voice chat to accommodate everyone, not to leave out someone who is deaf by only using voice chat or

someone with dyslexia or who is blind by only having only text chat.

It was interesting to know her first attempts and the difficulties she met, she said:


“we began by advertising that we would tell life stories, we suggested bring pictures to talk about or having a picture to look at to talk about, but someone has to know how to scan and upload a picture, so that wasn’t very effective. We started with a table, but that was such a sterile atmosphere, it was not inviting.”

Her words made all the audience reflect on different issues tied to storytelling and most of all the relevance of the input to offer to make people tell a personal story; as Gilbert Sapwood added, he often experiences that the moment he says “share a story” or “do you know a story?” people say, “oh no” so that he finally decided to change his approach and now he says, “do you have a memory you’d like to share?”: everyone has memories, but no one thinks they have stories.


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