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About “Primtionary” in SL



 Some days ago I joined an event called “Primtionary”, a game similar to Pictionary but played with prims in Second Life; the game was run by Rowan Thursday in Asim Zahra.



The event proceeded as follows:

  • one person, standing on the stage, picks a level of difficulty (from easy to impossible) and is given by the host a word which he/she must try to build using basic prims;
  • that person then builds something that will give the rest of the audience cues;
  • the audience then attempts to guess the word and type guesses into the chat bar;
  • the first person to type in the correct answer wins and has the opportunity  to be the next builder.

It has been interesting to participate to the event even if I was a lurker rather than a player, the atmosphere was very funny and the game proceeded without problems/technical issues, I can only guess what a huge organizational effort is behind the structure of such an event.

As a non native English speaker I experienced the event as very challenging but at the same time it was a fruitful  opportunity to reflect, I gathered a variety of inputs about a possible use of that game in my learning/teaching context.

Since my job implies teaching Italian as a second language in multicultural classes it would be great to organize a game like Primtionary for the following reasons:

  • linguistic/didactical reasons: e.g. the game as a  tool to enhance language vocabulary;
  •  intercultural reasons: explore the cultural differences through the connections made by students with various backgrounds between “words” and their “representation” through “objects/prims”;
  • social reasons: games like that can improve cohesion in the class group and represent the chance to use that game to open a class activity to a wider audience, that is, students of different classes and schools could interact in a sort of competition.


My only concern is about the needed skill to “build” in SL, it seems that you have to be quite an expert builder to be able to create in a short time the objects you have in mind, you can’t drag and drop pre-made prims from your inventory but you have to create them from scratch on the stage. I must confess that I didn’t even try to guess the words also because I was terrified by the idea to win and be the next builder!


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