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1° warming up meeting for the MUVEnation Italian Group

warming_upYesterday night I organized the first warming up event for the group of the Italian teachers involved in the teachers training course developed within the MUVEnation Project . I wanted them to have the opportunity to meet each other synchronously and introduce themselves using their voices and also felt it was important to offer time and space for a first exchange of opinions about the course and their initial progress with the amount of inputs we as tutors have given them during the last days.

I thought it could be better to have a first approach via skype since I know that most of them are familiar with this tool (using voice in SL can be tricky the first time you use it ) and then go directly in-world and enjoy the experience.

So we had the discussions about the course (questions, difficulties, netiquette etc.) via skype and an exploration step in Second Life in  Koru (47, 221, 22), a learning place built by Zotarah Shepherd  and dedicated to eight of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.


Why did I choose this place for a first approach with newbies? I experimented that if you want to introduce basic skills without being annoying it might be helpful to use an interactive space like the one in Koru in which participants can “play” with things and discover by themselves what they need to learn in order to take advantage of the inputs the place offers.

I enjoyed seeing teachers wandering among the different “circles”, the one about the musical intelligence where you can click on the instruments to play or experiment the games in the Mathematical/Logical Intelligence circle or  playing with their representation using the mirror set up to have a look within.


In the meanwhile they were discovering the different items  they felt the need to learn how to interact with the environment and I helped them discover  how to be able to come back there (creating a landmark), how to get information about the place (getting a notecard the owner made available), how to move (sit, fly and stop flying), how to express their own feeling using gestures (Michele, the only man of our group of 9 people , received a lot of blown kisses!).

We ended the event comfortably around a bonfire relaxing and chatting, it was definitely a nice experience for me as a tutor and I’m looking forward to reading teachers’ reports in their blogs.

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