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Here I am!



1 year passed since my Real Life counterpart gave me birth , my rez day was a busy day of last January and for sure I was not a “long awaited child”, lol.




For this reason  my wishes to have smart clothes, nice skin and flexi hair were not taken seriously for a while and I spent my “childhood” entrapped in my newbie appearance!

Just one aspect of my new identity was considered with the proper attention from the beginning: my name, CorDeRosa, a Portuguese word that means “pink”, one of my favourite colours and a connection with my beloved language.


So I received a beautiful name that can be easily shorten in “Cor” but also devastated in a variety of creative ways: Cora, Corde, Corda  grrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Now, I need to thank lauraeffe for creating an account for me in her blog, hope she won’t regret this decision! 😀 😀 😀


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