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Virtual World Best Practices in Education 2009 Conference

Directly from the conference website:

 “The Virtual World Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) conference originated from the 2007 Second Life Best Practices in Education Conference. This grassroots, community-based conference attracts faculty, instructors, trainers, administrators, instructional designers, technical specialists, and members of organizations from around the world”

Within The MUVEnation programme some participants proposed 5 workshops that were included in the conference area Games, Simulations, Tutorial Presentation Area.

The workshops will take place on Saturday 28 March from 10 a.m to 12 p.m. and will cover the following areas:

  • A – Dialogical Teaching: Controlling Interaction in Group Discussion, basic level, Gloria Gomez Diago (RL) gloriagdiago Galicia(SL)
  • B – Acquiring and practising vocabulary: techniques and tools, basic level, Antonella Elia (RL) Astra Martian (SL), Elisabetta Marzetti (RL) Betta Twine (SL), Laura Fedeli (RL) CorDeRosa Loire (SL)
  • C – Creation of flexible learning environments with Builder Buddy, intermediate level, Giuliana Perco (RL) Cvetka Nacht (SL), Jaime Alamo (RL) Alpha Lorgsval (SL), Jennifer Stanigar (RL) Bonbon Braveheart (SL), Margarita Pérez-Garcia (RL) Paz Lorenz (SL)
  • D – How to prepare a presentation?, basic level, Alicia Barbitta (RL) WonderAlica Alturas (SL), Annamalia Tancredi (RL) Fabrizia Karillion (SL), Angelina Macedo (RL) Morgen String (SL)
  • E – A peek inside HUDs, intermediate level, Peter Jacobs (RL) Narci Shan (SL), Cedric De Meyere (RL) Achilles Lefèvre (SL)

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