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My experience at VWBPE 2009 conference

CorDeRosa, Betta and Astra

CorDeRosa, Betta and Astra

Last Saturday some participants from the Muvenation Project presented a workshop at the Virtual World Best Practices in Education conference that took place in Second Life.

As a tutur of the Italian group in the International teachers training programme  I was asked by two of my mentees to help them organizing their workshop at the conference and I was very happy to give my support.

Actually working with Antonella Elia/Astra Martian and Elisabetta Marzetti/Betta Twine has been really productive in terms of relashionship building, I mean, being involved in a common project like the participation at the conference, something external to the training programme, made me reflect on the relevance of this experience in terms of quality in tutor/tutees connection.

I decided to leave them the freedom to choose their activities for the workshop and the setting of the platform where the event should take place, I just gave some functional suggestion on communication and tools and I proposed myself to act as a “vallet” during the conference.

We made a lot of jokes about that and that atmosphere helped making the workshop preparation funnier , we fixed what the roles of  “the valet  CorDeRosa” should be:

  • welcoming participants at the beginning of the workshop
  • taking care of late comers
  • supporting participants with additional help through IMs
  • leading the final discussion 

A lot of work for the poor valet CorDeRosa!!!

Actually this role revealed to be very successful for the workshop, the event could progress smoothly without continuous interruptions from late or slower partipants.

I was very satisfied with my tutees, they did a great job and I’m sure this represented a relevant step in their acquisition of self-confidence as educators in Second Life. 

We are looking forward to preparing a new event in the next conferences!

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