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Nergiz Kern interviewed by Tara Benwell for TEFL.net

TEFL.net is a website dedicated to ESL teachers and staff and it is written mainly in British English.

TEFL.net is part of the EnglishClub.com community and is designed exclusively for teachers.

In the section “guest” you can find several interesting interviews such as the one here proposed: Tara Benwell interviewed Nergiz Kern about teaching English in the virtual world Second Life.

Speaking about the opportunities made available for a language teacher Nergiz said:

There are some things you can do in SL that are difficult, impracticable or too expensive to do in RL, such as changing appearance quickly, which can make it more interesting to talk about appearance and is not limited to what the learners are wearing in class. Instead of looking at pictures of let’s say the Seven World Wonders, learners and the teacher can visit them together, climb up the pyramids or walk into a tomb to discover its secrets, visit different countries, museums, galleries, shops, take snapshots or buy stuff and bring them back to class to talk about them. Instead of imagining being in a room looking at a picture, learners can walk into and around a room, interact with the objects, for example: sit on a couch, watch a film, grab a cup of coffee, move the furniture, redecorate the house, and describe what they are doing. You can also drag all kinds of “realia” out of your pocket (inventory) whenever you need something–even whole planes, cars and houses or unusual objects that not every teacher has at home to bring to class. You can change their colour, texture, size, etc to elicit certain language. You can meet people from all around the world and work on projects with them for almost no cost at all. SL also offers multiple communication channels making it possible to give feedback to students without putting them on the spot or interrupting their presentation.

You can read the complete interview in the TEFL.net website.

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