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Sondaggio su Mobile e English Language Teaching

Whereas teachers and students seem willing to embrace this technology, ELT publishers are lagging behind. Services such as iTunes now provide simple payment and distribution platforms as well as the digital rights security that should allow publishers to start to generate large-scale online sales of e-products at much lower prices (many mobile applications cost between 10% to 20% of their desktop equivalents). Yet the response from many publishers has been slow. This is the ideal time for publishers to jump on the mobile wave and start delivering interactive and affordable mobile content.

E’ ciò che scrive Nik Peachey, un noto freelance esperto in tecnologie dell’apprendimento e formatore.

Nik Peachey è l’autore di un’indagine sull’uso dei dispositivi mobili avviata subito dopo la promozione dell’iPad in UK. A un anno di distanza ripropone lo stesso sondaggio. Chiunque vorrà partecipare potrà visualizzare immediatamente le statistiche dei risultati raggiunti fino a quel momento.

Link utili:

Questionario 2011: Mobile Learning in ELT 2011

Report dell’indagine condotta nel 2010: Mobile Learning in ELT 2010

Nick Peachey blog: Nik’s Learning Technology Blog

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