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Metaversos 2011: workshop in Second Life about language educational tools

At the Palacio de Congresos (Ibiza, Spain) the “III Congreso sobre Metaversos, Web 3D y Redes Sociales en Mundos Virtuales“ took place the days 28-29 April also providing an international audience to participate through a streaming video connection. Whitin the conference a worshop was organized and run by Akemi Mochizuki and Gloria Gómez- Diago.
Akemi Mochizuki is a math teacher and has designed and created in Second Life a set of educational tools aimed at language acquisition. More details on her activities are available in her blog : http://dracy-drawing-tool.blogspot.com/.
Gloria Gómez- Diago is a PhD candidate in Communication fond of virtual worlds and social dynamics, she also uses her blog to track her research interests: http://fromcommunication.blogspot.com/.
During the workshop 4 different tools were described:

  • Word Puzzle Balls: the tool lets the teacher register a set of structured sentences and asks the students to put in the proper order the words in the sentence that have been put in a scrambled order. Each word is represented by a ball that has to be touched and numbered; the student can play the game by himself since the systems gives a feedback saying if the sentence is properly set or not;

  •  Word Games: a system that consists of different games (word/visual matching; memory etc) and provides different levels of difficulty that are set through a menu accessible on the screen of the client; the games offers a visual input and a audio input as well, students can listen to a word, read it and math it with the related visual;
  • Crosswords: it’s made of two panels, the “making panel” where the teacher can work and set the puzzle and the board where the student will play.

During the workshops the participants could take active part in the games’ playing procedures and were offered notecards with instructions and reference landmarks. Along with the language tools it was introduced the Brainflowing tool, an educational board used to collect ideas and notes during meetings in Second LifeGloria Gomez-Diago has widely and clearly described the tool in the following article: Brainflowing, virtual/physical space and the flow of communication: An explanatory approach to the metaverse through a tool designed for brainstorming.

All the tools are available in a virtual shop in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zerelia/235/111/74

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